Well I’d like to think that’s true, but who knows, either way I’m back.

Anyway here we are again, huge apologies for not writing for so long. It’s been a crazy, busy summer, I’ve totally changed the web site ( hope you like it. ) Launched the second in the series Vodka and Jellied Eels. Written a Danny Pearson Short which is called SNIPE it’s out now permanently free on Amazon, Nook, iBooks and Kobo. Phew, what else. Oh yeah, I’m about a third the way writing the next Danny Pearson thriller, Beware the Chinaman. Which I would like to get finished by Christmas but could be the new year.

Right, what shall we talk about today. I ranted and raved on about all the negatives you come across once you’ve written your novel in previous blogs , so this time I’m going to tell you about some of the positive things I’ve learnt since I last wrote. Firstly write more books, one book on its own has nowhere to go, you’ll have to advertise it heavily to get it seen. Then people will read it and that’s the end of your sale forever. It’s highly unlikely it will suddenly become a best seller and you skip off into the sunset with a big bag of cash.

I came across a guy called Nick Stephenson, he’s written a series of Leopold Blake Thrillers and also sells book marketing courses, one being your first 10,000 readers. I can hear you groaning, but bare with me. He does however give you quite a lot of insight away for free, the principle idea being give a book away permanently free. Inside the book give an offer for a free second book once you sign up for the VIP mailing list. long and short of it, promote and pump you free book out, which is considerably easier to do than a paid book from an unknown author. Then you build an e-mail marketing list and a fan base to sell all your future books.

It makes sense to me, so I rebuilt my web site, wrote the short story as a giveaway and released it. That was two weeks ago and SNIPE has shifted around 1000 copies, with the help of a few targeted Facebook ads. I’m chuffed with that for a start. The mailing list is growing slowly and I can see through Google Analytics that the right landing and downloading pages are being hit for the second free book. Remember this is not a quick hit, you have to allow time for people to read the free book then sign up and read the second one. eventually you should get a constant stream of people entering with the free book and purchasing the third with an ever growing email list to promote your new books as the get launched.

How long that all takes, I don’t know. But I’m hopeful that six months from now I’ll show regular sales, maybe even a small profit. You have to combine a lot of this with advertising, I’m having a lot of success with targeted Facebook ads at the moment, especially after a consultation with the Facebook business team on setting Audience profiles. Still can’t get Amazon advertising to do anything though, That’s my next challenge.

So if your writing a book or launching one, good luck and I’ll talk more about stuff I’ve learned in the next blog. Hopefully Ive had some success with Amazon advertising by then.

The Link for Nick Stephenson’s Blog is below, might be useful if your trying to sell your book.

Thanks Nick I found your content extremely helpful and enjoyed your webinar with Bryan Cohen on Amazon Advertising.

To everyone else thanks for reading

Stephen Taylor

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