About The Book

Family Honour Must Be Upheld…

When Danny’s uncle Harry Knight is pushed by a Russian Mafia family for control of London. The violence escalates until there are fatalities on both sides. Yuri Volkov must fly to London and avenge his brother’s death and family honour. His only aim is to destroy Harry and make him suffer in the process.

Harry’s daughter May is kidnapped and his world falls apart. When he starts getting fingers in the mail he calls on the one man who can get her back.In his quest to save his cousin before Yuri kills her. Danny must declare war on the Russian Mafia and stop at nothing until she’s safe.

High octane action at a breath-taking pace.

Enjoy the ride

Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp, Jason Bourne and now Danny Pearson.”

I read this in a weekend, couldn’t put it down. Danny Pearson really is a mix of Mitch Rapp and Jack Reacher.
A great 2nd book from a great new author.”


Brilliant second book, full of action, fast paced. Doesn’t disappoint”

GREAT READ ***** Jake Grand