Vodka Over London Ice

About The Book

The London mob clash with the Russian Mafia. The death and violence escalate, putting Danny’s family in danger…

Danny Pearson has to end the war, before more family die…

Prequel to Execution of Faith, racked with remorse over his wife and child’s death. Danny Pearson leaves the SAS for civvies street. With his mother ill in hospital, Danny reconnects with his family and goes to work for his uncle Harry Knight. He soon finds out Harry’s no angel.

South of the river, Viktor Volkov has his eyes on Harry’s patch. The tit for tat battle escalates until there are fatalities on both sides. The battle seems to be won until Viktor’s older brother arrives in London to avenge his brother’s death. Danny must take on the Russian Mafia and win or more of his loved ones will die…

Vodka and Jellied Eels is the first in the Danny Pearson thriller Series. If you like edge of your seat, nail biting action and adventure, then you’ll love Stephen Taylor’s second high octane thriller.

A gritty, gangland crime thriller with real world emotion.” – International Bestselling Author Alex Shaw.

I read this in a weekend, couldn’t put it down. Danny Pearson really is a mix of Mitch Rapp and Jack Reacher.
A great book from a great new author.”


“Brilliant second book, full of action, fast paced. Doesn’t disappoint”

GREAT READ ***** Jake Grand