The Timekeepers Box

About The Book

One of his friends is taken hostage. It’s time to get the old unit back together…

One of Danny SAS team took a souvenir from a bombed-out mosque in Syria. The ornate 15th century box has deep religious meaning for the villagers. After three years of searching they find Danny and his team who are all on civvy street. They must return the box or one of their team will die. There’s only one problem. Where is the box?

So this is what comes after Mitch Rapp! Danny Pearson takes on the same sort of role as Jack Reacher and does so superbly”

A New Leading Character *****Chimera

Who doesn’t love a short story, for me as a reader as well as an author the ability to dip in and get a taste of a series is priceless. Have a read on the train on the way to work, or on the bus, or at the airport. I had a great time writing this short novel and I hope you enjoy reading it just as much.