About The Book

Escaped and out for revenge. He’ll stop at nothing until he’s killed you…

Do you run or stand and fight?

When the brother of mercenary Nicholas Snipe, (Execution of Faith) escapes from a prison for the criminally insane. He tears London apart in his search for Danny Pearson. Leaving a bloody trail of bodies in his wake, Snipe has only one destination in mind, to find and kill Danny Pearson the man who took his brothers life.

“1000 miles and hour. Action packed is an understatement. Found myself holding my breath.”

USA Today and Amazon bestselling thriller writer Dan Petrosini.

So this is what comes after Mitch Rapp! Danny Pearson takes on the same sort of role as Jack Reacher and does so superbly”

A New Leading Character *****Chimera

Who doesn’t love a short story, for me as a reader as well as an author the ability to dip in and get a taste of a series is priceless. Have a read on the train, on the way to work or on the bus, or at the airport. I had a great time writing this short novel and I hope you enjoy reading it, just as much.