Release The Beast

Letting your creative monster out can be a liberating and life changing experience. The problem is once the monsters had a taste of freedom, he’s not going to want to go back in his cage again. How good or bad your creation is, to some extent is irrelevant. How much of a void, a hole or need it fills most certainly isn’t.

This brings me to the down side of releasing the beast. He’s out, you’ve written your book and self published it for all to see. The problem is several million other people did the same thing and your book is lost in amongst them, like the winning lottery ticket waiting for the right person to buy it. You get a few sales which is nice, they may pay for a few take outs a month but your not giving up the day job just yet.

But the creative monster is out, he’s inside your head. The love of writing has taken over, and the day job is just the pain in the arse thing you have to do to pay the bills. Now the second book is nearly complete, and the third and fourth ones are swirling around in your head. On top of that comes the waves of emotions, high and lows. Good sales weeks and a great review surge you on, while quiet weeks no reviews and a crap week at work pull you down.

Is it worth it? For me hell yeah. I can’t stop and won’t stop.

I love writing and am determined to eventually get a book deal and have my books in book stores for all to see.

And if your creative monster is on the loose, I hope you do the same.

Thanks for reading.

Stephen Taylor