Past 1000 Downloads

It may not seem a lot to some, but to me 1000 copies of Execution of Faith sold since November is huge. Perseverance is defiantly what you need and KDP Select free promotion really does help sales, 250 of the 1000 downloads happen last weekend in a 2 day free book promotion. Every time I’ve done one of these, its out preformed the last, if you combine the promotion with facebook ADs it boosts the result. OK it’s still small potatoes in the great scheme of things, but after the free promotion I still get book sales and more importantly I’m gaining good reviews on Amazon and goodreads

On the money side of things I’m still spending more on promotion than the book makes, but I expected that. The main thing for me is that people are genuinely enjoying the book, it boosts your confidence and has enabled me to write the second book in the series with enthusiasm. I have an idea that it will take about five years, and five or six books before any sort of noticeable income can be made.

On a more cheerful note, I could be wrong. Maybe I’ll manage to find one of the elusive book deals with a literary agent, and get my books into books store with the backing of professional promotion. Who Knows.

Until that happens I suppose I’d better do some work to pay the bills.

Thanks for reading

Stephen Taylor

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