Execution of faith

One Month Gone

Ok, its one month since I published my book with Amazon KDP.

It’s been a  mixed bag of emotions, You’re glad it’s out there, but you worry no one will like it. That quite quickly gets overtaken by how the hell am I going to get anyone to see it on Amazon.

Anyway with a free promo and social media I managed to sell and give away over two hundred copies. One thing I wasn’t expecting is the number of books people that have downloaded it on Kindle Unlimited.

If you subscribe you can download the book for free. When people read it I get a report on pages read each day, at the end of the month you get paid per page. The amount depending on the size of the KDP Select Global Fund that month and global pages read.

All in all, I’m very please and extremely grateful for the support and feedback received. Obviously I don’t expect everyone to like the book but would always welcome your comments and feedback. If you’ve read it on Kindle Unlimited please let me know what you thought.

If you haven’t read it I’ve put the first three chapters in PDF below as a taster. Please feel free to download and have a look.


Stephen Taylor

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