Danny Pearson Thriller

Now What?

So you’ve written it…

You’ve had it edited…

You’ve self published it on Amazon…

You make you millions, skip off into the sunset and live happily ever after. Nice idea but that ain’t going to happen. There are over 3.5 million E-books on amazon and double that in printed books, so the odds of a number one best seller are not great. But hey I still play the lottery and those odds are way worse.

So while you’re sitting at home refreshing your KDP sales report screen thinking its broken. You start googling how to get more book sales and how to promote my book. This then opens up a mountain of useful and even more useless information on how to do it.

The problem you will find is a lot of blogs with smiley faces and wonderful success stories somehow seem to lead an advertising or promotion angle. What a surprise, didn’t see that coming!

Then there’s the promote your book for free sites which either don’t or give you a restricted listing unless you pay and go pro. You may be sensing a theme here.

I’m not an expert and I’m still trying to work my way through what’s good and what’s bad. My advice to you is be careful. look at the sites and what they offer. Then google the hell out of them reviews, complaint or negative feedback. If they suck plenty of people will have posted about them.

As for the rest of it, unfortunately it’s a process of social media, websites, links and word of mouth. Try advertising with facebook, KDP select or Goodreads.com.  I Found Whizbuzzbooks.com promote your book for a year for $49 which seems pretty good. I would suggest using a small advertising budget first to see if sales improve, then increase it or move on depending on the outcome.

I definitely don’t want to appear negative. If like me you spent a year or so writing your book, you’ve probably got the patience to work out the minefield of promoting it and selling it.

Good Luck

Stephen Taylor

Amazon Books