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A gritty, gangland crime thriller with real world emotion.” – International Bestselling Author Alex Shaw.

The Danny Pearson Thriller Series

Vodka and Jellied Eels
Family Honour must be upheld…

A London gangster clashes with the Russian Mafia.When the death and violence escalate, Danny Pearson is the only one who can stop it…

Execution of Faith
Money id power…Money is everything…

Terrorists and mercenary killers plot to change the balance of world power. Can Danny Pearson stop them or will this be his downfall…
Beware the Chinaman
The futures electric…But who holds the power…

A secret organisation and the assassin known as the Chinaman cross paths with Danny Pearson, in his most dangerous adventure yet.

1000 miles an hour. Action packed is an understatement. Found myself holding my breath.” USA Today and Amazon bestselling Thriller writer Dan Petrosini.

Alive Until I Die
A friend from the past…A nightmare for the future…

Deep undercover with his life on the line, can Danny Pearson survive long enough to bring the bad guys to justice…

Sport of Kings
A missing friend… The hunt is on…

When Danny’s old SAS buddy vanishes. Danny’s search puts him in the firing line in more ways than one…

Blood Runs Deep
You should have killed them all

Five Years Ago (Vodka Over London Ice) The London mob clashed with the Russian Mafia. Death and violence escalated, putting Danny’s family in danger. Danny Pearson ended the war, or so he thought… 

Jack Reacher, Mitch Rapp, Jason Bourne and now Danny Pearson.”

The Danny Pearson Short Stories

He’s out and he’s coming for you

Escaped and out for revenge. He’ll stop at nothing until he’s killed you… Do you run or stand and fight…

Wrong place…Wrong time…

You see someone who needs help… Do you help them or turn a blind eye…

He took a souvenir… They want it back…

One of his friends is taken hostage… It’s time to get the old unit back together…

Wow !! Not my usual type of read but enjoyed every minute of it . Great characters easily became friends and colleagues , story line so fast it was burning . Twists and turns , action and excitement . Fabulous , highly recommended.

Great Value Boxsets

Boxset Books 1-2

A great value buy for books 1and 2

1:Vodka Over London Ice

2:Executionof Faith

Boxset Books 3-4

A great value buy for books 3 and 4

1: Who Holds The Power

2:Alive Until i Die

Boxset Books 5-6

A great value buy for books 5 and 6

1: Sport Of Kings

2: Blood Runs Deep

A Great Value Boxset

Shorts 1-2 and Books 1-3

So this is what comes after Mitch Rapp! Danny Pearson takes on the same sort of role as Jack Reacher and does so superbly.”

A New Leading Character *****Chimera