Is Google My Friend ?

No this isn’t an attack on the worlds largest search engine, no lawsuits please.

I doubt any author, either self published or traditionally published, hasn’t typed the words “how do I get my book published and sell it.” Into a google search.

If you’re just about to, prepare to have your head scrambled. When I finished writing Execution of Faith in 2018, that’s exactly what I did. The pages of results are mind blowing but I’ll try and break them down and simplify them.

1/ Ego boosting results with dubious success stories. How I made a bazillion dollars as the greatest author on the planet. This is usually followed by a great offer. Buy Now!!! How to write and get published the greatest book on earth and earn a bazillion dollars by A Smug Bastard. Really!!

2/ Depressing results, there are apparently 3.4million E-Books on Amazons Kindle store. If you self publish it, the average self published authors only sells around 100 copies ever. If you try to get a literary agent, most won’t look at you without a sales history. If they will, each agent is estimated to get around 2000 submissions a year and might, I mean might pick one of those if they aren’t too committed with their existing clients. Throw me a rope I’m going to hang myself.

3/ Rip off and scam results, so you’ve managed to self publish you masterpiece. Brilliant I’m pleased for you. Now you google selling it and promoting it, Oh my god the results are even worse than publishing it. There are thousands of promotional sites, some free, most claiming to be free but aren’t. Paid for sites that will sell you thousands of copies, Mmm, thats not going to happen. And sites that seem reasonably priced for social media promotions but they quickly add up and you don’t get any sales. Anyone still reading?

4/ The nice stuff, Somewhere in amongst that lot are the genuinely helpful articles and blogs from authors, writers and literary agents. Some are successful, sadly most are not, but at least they have tried and taken the road before you. Never leave sight of what you’ve achieved, you have fulfilled your ambition to write a book. 97% of writers never finish their novels. Fact, well, thats what google says anyway. If you’ve self published it even better, it’s up there for all to see and buy forever.

If you were expecting me to have all the answers, sorry I’m just muddling along with everyone else. I haven’t sold a trillion books and I’m not trying to sell you the secret of my success. I’m just wishing you all the best and sincerely hope you achieve you dreams.

Thanks for reading

Stephen Taylor

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