Here We Go Again

Book No2 Vodka and Jellied Eels

Just launched my second book, I have to say the second time around I found the whole experience far more enjoyable than the first. After the success of my debut novel Execution of Faith the nerves, self doubt and insecurities, involved in putting your creation out there for all the world to see diminish considerably. There’s still some excited butterflies in the stomach, followed by the great feeling when the first sales come in and the first 5* reviews appear.

This is not a boastful or look at how great I am blog, I am gaining followers and selling books, but I’m still a long way off making any money or god forbid making a living for my efforts. This is a message of positivity for all the self-published authors out there. The first book is the hardest, going from nowhere to getting noticed is the hardest and getting people to leave reviews is the hardest.

From personal experience apart from writing something of good quality and of a subject matter people want to read, you need to learn to be all things to promote your work. I have spent as much time building a website, writing blog posts and running social media posts as I did writing the book in the first place.

If that all sound a bit daunting, sorry no hiding it, it is. There’s no avoiding it, if you publish a book and don’t promote it, nobodies going to see it. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; I’ve made plenty. You probably will pay for adverts and promotions that don’t work, just try them with small budgets and learn what works and what doesn’t.

I have a theory, which could be wrong but I’m going with it anyway. To make any money from my novels, I need to have at least 5 books on amazon and keep up the promotions constantly. The fans and cross selling of different titles in the series will multiply themselves with every new title released. So my advice to you is keep writing, keep promoting and most of all keep loving what you do.

Thanks for reading

Stephen Taylor