Danny Pearson Thriller

Good Fortune

The weekend after I publishing Execution of Faith I had a Chinese takeaway. In the bag were a number of fortune cookies, bizarrely enough my fortune cookie had the following message in “A CURRENT PROJECT WILL SOON BRING YOU GREAT RECOGNITION”. Weird yeah.

A couple of months on and the fortune cookie prophecy has come true…. Is what I’d like to say happened, but sadly I’m still waiting.

Nevertheless, undeterred, I’ve been experimenting with a multitude of different advertising. Firstly I’ve tried nearly twenty different adverts through Kindle Direct Publishing, key words, direct product placement, categories, all of which either didn’t get any impressions or clicks. Got impression no click or loads of clicks and no sales. In short not a great result.

I’ve tried advertising through BookBub.com which turned out to be a total waste of time and money.

In short the only thing I’ve found to work is Facebook advertising with a business page for the book. Great you say, well yes and no. Even when you get the hang of targeting audiences, it still costs more to advertise than I’m making off the book.

Why bother I hear you say, well the sales are high enough to get me into the top twenty in two amazon categories and top fifty in a third, the hope is that if I can keep it high in the categories, organic searchers through amazon books will find it and those purchases will take over. I’ll let you know how that works out in a future blog.

So that’s it for now, good luck all you self published authors and if you find the magic way to make a book a bestseller let me know.