Book Number Two

While I’ve been waiting for the message in my fortune cookie, from the last blog to come true. I’ve almost finished the second book in the Danny Pearson series, Vodka and Jellied Eels. And yes the second book was considerably easier to write than the first, I’m defiantly getting into a style and flow as I write now. It also helped my confidence enormously to have received good reviews on Amazon and on Goodreads for Execution of faith, thank you all.

Back to book two, it’s still the dream to get a book deal through a reputable literary agent. So after I finish my final edit, I will be going through the motions once again with submissions. I guess the trick is to keep positive and keep trying, I read somewhere that each agent receives around 2000 submissions a year, and depending on their workload with already signed authors, may or may not take one of the new submissions on. With the demand so high a previously high sales record and large 5* review list will give an advantage over someone without one.

That being said you’ve gotta be in it to win it, so if I don’t get a book contract on Vodka and Jellied Eels. I’ll carry on and have it edited and self publish it towards the end of this summer, in the mean time I have a title and storyline for book 3 in the series Beware the Chinaman. working on the same time frame as the current book that should be finished, edited and ready for self publish or hopefully a book deal this time next year.

Thanks for reading

Stephen Taylor