Is Google My Friend ?

No this isn’t an attack on the worlds largest search engine, no lawsuits please. I doubt any author, either self published or traditionally published, hasn’t typed the words “how do I get my book published and sell it.” Into a google search. If you’re just …

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Book Number Two

While I’ve been waiting for the message in my fortune cookie, from the last blog to come true. I’ve almost finished the second book in the Danny Pearson series, Vodka and Jellied Eels. And yes the second book was considerably easier to write than the …

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Danny Pearson Thriller

Good Fortune

The weekend after I publishing Execution of Faith I had a Chinese takeaway. In the bag were a number of fortune cookies, bizarrely enough my fortune cookie had the following message in “A CURRENT PROJECT WILL SOON BRING YOU GREAT RECOGNITION”. Weird yeah. A couple of …

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