Always believe in yourself…

Fairly good advice but also a load of bollocks at the same time.

Hi everyone, I haven’t blogged for a while. sorry. I’ve been rather busy, what with writing Beware the Chinaman, creating new book covers, marketing, building a subscribers list, trying to master facebook advertising, Amazon advertising. Phew… pause for breath. Trying to work out book hooks, updating web site and reading about every smug bastard with a 5 step plan to make you a 6 figure sales income the second you buy their book.

Ignore that last bit, I’m suffering from a little sales bollocks fatigue.

Let’s get back on track, Always believe in yourself. If like me you’ve done all of the above, sales are up, subscribers are subscribing and reviews are positive and trickling in on all titles.

You should be happy right?

Well, yes and no, I’m happy for the positives, reviews, subscribers etc. But I’m unhappy with the paid sales figures, the enormous amount of time and effort put in for the rewards that come out.

What to do?

I think it boils down to two answers.

Give up or keep plugging away, personally I have to keep going. I love writing and I refuse to give up, It’s not in my nature. But if I read one more self motivational statement like “Always believe in yourself,” I’m likely to recreate a scene out of SNIPE, and I’m not talking about a nice one.

Thats me done, for all the people who have downloaded and read my books. Thank you and to all the self published and aspiring writers out there, keep at it and always believe in yourself.

Thanks for reading

Stephen Taylor

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