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Money is power. Money is everything…

On his return home Ex-SAS soldier Danny Pearson answers an innocent request for help. Before long he’s dragged into a dangerous world of terrorists, hired killers and religious extremists group The Faith.

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Rapp, Reacher watch out, there’s a new guy on the streets, and he’s damn good at what he does
An entertaining way to pass the time.


Page turning thrills, never ending action

The Danny Pearson Series of books start fast and just keep getting faster, thrills and excitement with more action than Die hard.

The Danny Pearson Series can be read in any order. Fans of Lee Child’s, Jack Reacher or Vince Flynn’s, Mitch Rapp and Clive Cussler novels will find these books infinitely more fun. If your expecting a Dan Brown or Ian Rankin you’ll probably hate them.

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